Trainer FAQs
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Can I share classes with other Training Officers in other Departments?
Coming soon Forum. A place where you and your fellow officers can choose to share classes, ideas, information and teaching techniques.
How can I limit a presentation or test to only specific crew memebers or officers?
You can "assign" from the roster availability by going to the manage training, and individual presentation or individual test. You can also select any prerequisite requirements when you create or edit your presentation or test
What is the difference between a Trainer and a Training Officer in the permission fields?
Training Officers manage the classes and training, trainers are teachers who present the information. The trainers authority to change classes is limited.
How do I embed video in a presentation slide?
All video is embedded via, just upload video to your Youtube account, or select the video clip from Youtube, copy the "code link" or address of the individual video into the video slide template in the "presentation builder" and the video clip will be available in your presentation of as long as it is available on
How does the "event signup" feature work?
When you post an event to the calendar, chose "sign up available" and those viewing the event will be able to request participation on line. You will be notified of their request via the internal messaging system build into our software. We suggest you message the department member back a confirmation of availability and commitment to the event.
What Browsers are supported?
We support IE and Mozilla. Please make sure you are using the latest version of your browser. We do not support old versions of browsers.
Can I pass a student manually who has completed work outside of the system?
Yes, you can manually pass a student for a presentation or test. Go to manage presentation or test by personnel and click on pass manually. Please note the actual test or presentation will not be available for tracking records for the student, only the record of manual passing of the event.
How should my Online presentations differ from classroom presentations?
Some training officers use our software for both Online and in-class presentations. Just keep in mind when you set up the class which it is to be or if you will use for both. You may have more information in your Online slides since you will not be there to "verbalize" the information.
Where do I get Pictures for my slides?
You can upload pictures for your presentations to picture albums. Go to "Pic Manager" and create and album, then upload your pictures to it. You can select and manage your pics easily by creating different albums, such as "Equipment", "Drills", "Crew", etc. Once a picture is in your album you can easily select it and place it in a slide. (please do not violate copyright provisions of others when uploading slides)
How do I reorder my slides in a presentation?
Select the class from the class library, then click on "tools" from the bar above and select "reorder slides". Just drag and drop the slide name to the order you want.
Can I print training results for online presentations?
Yes our "training records", feature allows you to print tests, scores and the actual answers of each individual participant. Making it possible to easily document your department's crew files.
What is a slide template?
Our presentation builder allows you to choose pre-made slide templates and simply add pictures, videos, and text. Our templates help you to easily create professional Online presentations and tests.
Is it possible to utilize a practice test?
Yes just choose the "practice test" option in the "test builder" when you create the test. The practice test allows your students to utilize the test format to uncover knowledge gaps, practice tests can be repeated.