Personnel FAQs
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How can I add or edit text?
Click on "Edit Content", under the block you wish to edit and type or copy and paste your changes.
How do I add pictures to my personal page
Click on "Pic Manager" on the tool bar, select or create an album and then click on "Browse", select the picture you want to upload and hit "save"
How do I delete a picture?
Click on Picture Manager on the tool bar above. Click the "Delete" button above the picture.
What is the "sign up" feature that sometimes displays on my personal page?
If you have put in a sign up request for a department event, the request will show here to remind you of the occasion.
What happens if I lose my connection in the middle of a class?
Just sign back in and retake the class.... it will start from where you left off.
I know there is a class being offered but it is not displaying for me?
There may be prerequisite classes needed first, or the class may be available on a tenure or assigned only basis. See or email your training officer for more information.
Do I need to tell my Training Officer when I complete a presentation or test?
No, FireCoTraining software will automatically notify your Training Officer by Email of your completion and scores.
What is the completion certificate for?
Please print any completion certificates for your records, they frame nicely too and look good on your wall!
Is messaging available?
Yes you can message your officers and fellow firefighters from within the system.
How Do I Change My Password
You can change your password on your personal page. Click on "edit password or login" in the left bar, type in your new password (passwords are case sensitive) and then type again to validate and hit "save". The next time you log in you will use your new password. Its that simple!
What computer skills do I need to take a class or test online?
If you can sign in to the a web site, and know how to use a mouse you can take a class or test online. It's fun and easy!