In Station & Online Testing
Use our online "Test Builder" to create stand alone tests or tests tied to online classes. Utilize our question formats and answer key to easily create practice tests, final tests and quizzes. No need to take time for grading, the system will auto grade to your answer key, weight the questions as you specify (just point and click) and email you status of completion for each crew member.
Test Builder with Auto Grading.

Simple to Use Question Formats.

True/False, Fill In the Blank.

Matching, Multiple Choice and Essay.

Answer Key and Essay Question Email For Review.

Practice Tests With Review Answers, or Final Test.

Just point and click, choose a question template, enter the question. Fill in the answer and if it is to receive extra weight in the test. "Click Save". Its that easy!!
Class and Test Prerequisite Availability.

Timed Testing and Completion Features.

Weighting Features.

Assign Test to Personnel From Roster.

Test Restart In the Event of Call Interruptions.

Test Question Score Results Over Time to Show Question Viability.

If you have general computer skills you will be able to easily create online tests, either stand alone or tied to online presentations.