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What is the term of my license?
FireCoTraining training software is a licensed product. Licenses are for one year.
I have existing presentations on Power Point can I use them in your system?
Yes, you can post your existing power point presentations on the system. Just select the power point template in the "presentation builder" and upload your Power Point Presentation. If your file is large you may need to split your presentation into Part I, Part II. to keep you connection from timing out.
Where are Online presentations and tests stored?
Your Online presentations and tests are stored on our servers, The back ups you make of your classes and tests will be stored on your computer.
Is the system password protected?
Yes, access to your Department and training areas are password protected from the general public. The software also allows you to easily set permission levels for officers, trainers, and firefighters.
Do I need to know how to code or know spreadsheets to use FireCoTraining Software?
No, if you can upload, copy paste and have a general knowledge of using a computer, you will have no trouble creating online presentations. There is no HTML or language coding required. We make it Simple!!!
Is There a Demo of the actual software I can see or work with before I buy?
Yes, Click on Demo and view our slide presentation, then follow the link to the free trial version request.
Can I access my presentations and tests made in your system after my license expires?
Yes. Your classes and tests stay within your control. Just save them down as "offline presentations or offline tests" and open them in your web browser.
Is my data backed up?
Yes. Our servers reside with a professional hosting company with onsite and offsite data backup. In addition you can download data file back ups to your PC or you class presentations and tests.
Is the system secure?
We strive to have the latest security features. Your departments information is all password protected, and we utilize SSL security and 128 bit encryption through out the site. We do not sell or give out your private information (view Privacy Policy). Forum and Newsgroup info posted by you to public areas is visible to other license holders
Can I record and track history on outside training events and drills ?
Yes. The Outside Event section will track training events and drill activity by event or individual personnel. Just title the event and date and select the people from your roster who are to attend and then click on the roster for those who participated. The activity is now in your training record and available for reporting.
Is there any benefit to this system if I don't want my crews taking classes or tests from home.
Yes. Online does not necessarily mean outside of station. When you are paying crew to be in station, they can be learning on the station computers. Missed classes or shift conflicts can be a problem. Your class will be available 24/7 so the training officer doesn't have to be.
Can two small departments share a license?
No this is not possible due to the problems and confusion that would be created with admin and database management.
Will the software allow for multiple stations within the same department?
Yes. In fact, that is one of the nice benefits of the program, outlying station training management and internal communications become so much easier and efficient.
Is there a way to store and organize my training and department pictures?
Yes. Our album tools make it easy to organize and work with your training pictures. Your pictures are stored on our server so you have the comfort of knowing they are on your PC and backed up in our system.
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